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Types of lottery games in NLA

The Administration prepares eleven lottery types differing from each other by their prize settings , selling price, prize type (in kind & money) & by their drawing methods.
It is also important to note that about 10,000 lottery vendors are the major sales force across the country. They lead their daily livelihood by getting a commission of 15% .


 Ø  regular logo  Regular lottery

  • This is the first lottery of the Administration which is instituted on Ethiopian New Year “Enqutatahs” in 1954 E.C (Sept 8,1961 G.C)
    The 1st prize of this lottery was Br 50,000 having & perforated part of the same number each having prize of Br 10,000 . Currently this lottery has 20 prizes each winning form 75,000 up to 500 and each having 2 perforated parts of the same number.

Ø    zehon  Zehon (Extra Special )Lottery  

Began to be issued in 1980 G.C (1972 E.C) and was set to win Br 78,000 fpr the 1st prize.

Currently the 1st prize has reached Br 500,000 and prepared once in a budget year.

 Ø   tombolla   Tombola Lottery

  • This lottery was 1st prepared by the Administration for the special occasion in 1987 G.C (1980 E.C) after wards the Administration continuously began to issue this lottery on once a year basis.
  • Currently the 1st prize has reached 300 care meter and 400,000br
Ø      leyuSpecial Lottery

  • Began to be issued in 1989 E.C and that time the 1st prize was Br 400,000
  • Currently the 1st prize has reached Br 1,500,000 and prepared twice in a budget year.
Ø    enkutatash “Enqutatash” Lottery

  • This lottery was prepared in the early age of the Administration related with Ethiopian new year which was drawn on the eve of “enqutatash”
  • It is re instituted again & currently on the market, having the 1st prize of Br 250,000 and so many other prizes. The drawing date is on the eve of the Ethiopian new year “enqutatash”
Ø  xmas   “Yegena Sitota ” Lottery

  • Began to be issued in 1997 E.C and that time the 1st prize was Br 250,000
  • Currently the 1st prize has reached Br 300,000
Ø tinsaie    “Tensae ” Lottery

  • This lottery was 1st prepared in 1998 E.C and that time the first price was birr 250,000 including so many other prizes.
  • Currently the 1st price has reached Br. 500,000
Ø   edil  “Edil ” Lottery

  • Began to be issued in 1997 E.C and has a first prize of Br 100,000
Ø  lotto   “Lotto ”Lottery

  • This type of lottery game is attractive and a splendid in its play .

    Four main winning numbers are selected from a set of 55 rubber balls/ number games /and one from 12 diffrent symbols is selected. This game is played in a Jackpot style game every Monday , its minimum Jackpot prize is 100,000 Br. It increases by 5% of the actual sale until the maximum Jackpot is drawn. Its method of drawing is either using machine or computer. It is 1st issued in 1999 E.C with a minimum (1st) Jackpot prize of Br 100,000. If the four number and the symbol on a ticket match the numbers and the symbol drawn , the ticket holder is a jackpot winner.This is true regardless of the order in which the numbers are drawn. until December 2010 11 winners are claimed jackpot prices.

Active (instant / scratch) Lotteries

The drawing method of these lotteries is undertaken by the player himself . By scratching the ticket the buyer knows instant by whether he is a winner or currently , the Administration runs two kinds of scratch lotteries named_”Fetan “ & Bingo lotteries.

 Ø    instant Instant Lottery

  • First introduced in 1981 E.C ( 1989 G.C)
  • The 1st prize was Br 15,000 and by now it has reached Br 25,000.
  • In 2002 E.C another type of instant lottery has already begun which has two playing cards in one ticket having first price of birr 50,000. Second price of birr 25,000
Ø     bingoBingo Lottery
  • First introduced in 1989 E.C ( 1997 G.C)
  • The 1st prize is Br 20,000 having two playing cards on one ticket.

Online Lottery

  • The Administration is also on the way to operate Online Lottery in the near future which is a new type of game to the nation.


5. Economic and social contribution

The revenue collected from lotteries an important source for government economic and social expenditure. The revenue are utilized to pay prize to winners, meet the operating and administrative expenses of the Administration , pay commission to agent and venders. And the profit is transferred to central treasury which is used the country's development programs.

Over the years the Administration has distributed hundreds of millions of birr to lottery winners and the winners have established several useful projects there by improving their lives and contributing their part to the country's development effects currently, the Administration prize pay out ranges 36% -46% . In addition to his the Administration creates job opportunities for the thousands of lottery vendors as it pays over 1.4 million birr commission in a monthly. The Administration is also know for its special lotteries prepared to curb different social problems. NLA's special lotteries aimed at among others construction of Ethiopian you center sponsoring for African Cup and different Olympic games expenses, help fund and drought victims.

Important points to be noted

  1. The drawing operation of conventional lotteries takes place in front of the public. It is held of the Administration’s drawing hall near Taitu Hotel, Piazza, Addis Ababa. The Administration welcomes any one interested in attending the drawing ceremony at its drawing hall during the time of draw. It is usually held at 6p.m on the day fixed earlier for the draw.
  2. The system of draws of big conventional lotteries ( leyou lottery, Zehon lottery , Extra special lottery ; tombola & enqutatash lottery ) followed as a principle by the National Lottery Administration of Ethiopia is unique in the world in that tickets emerge as a winner unlike in other countries lottery drawing , there is no question of the highest winning number being an unsold ticket.
  3. Claiming prizes for each prize of less than Br 5,000 players /winners may collect from either branch or the head office belt prizes of more than Br 5000 must be collected from the Head Office.
  4. Claimed period: All prizes must be claimed with in 180 days or 6 months of the draw or the announced end of the game.
  5. Operating & Administering money is entrusted only to the Administration. Money lottery means a lottery in which the prize is payable in terms of money.
  6. Please, note that gambling on any things is illegal in some Jurisdictions.
  7. The prize can be a fixed amount of cash or in kind or goods.
  8. We are urging every one to check their tickets again or look any where a missing ticket could be hiding, “Try checking in the pockets of clothing, in wallets, bags and low the back of the sofa. We are waiting cross handedly that the lucky winner, wherever they are, comes forward to claim their win.





Location Piassa near to Titu Hotel

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